Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A List for Failure or Success

How to be typical (and probably not successful) in SL

Open up a generic club with a lot of particle scripts. Offer camping chairs and freebies. Don't have your club do anything different or original. Maybe host a few events but gradually lose interest and never do anything original with your club again. Let it sit on the sim and drain resources running your 10 gazillion particle scripts.

Open up a casino.

Sell items that almost anyone can make or find at Yadni's junkyard. Like pictures from obvious internet sources. Or shapes.

Shamelessly copy other people.

How to Conquer SL or at least carve out a little niche

Make something, maybe sell it. It doesn't have to be the most original thing ever. Plenty of people make clothes. The key is to dance or stumble along to your own tune. Don't try to make stuff to impress the bloggers. Make something that you want to. And yeah, it's a lot easier to say that than to actually practice it. I know this personally. Sometimes I feel pouty that I didn't get any PXP or other blogger coverage. It's ego. And ya know, some of the stuff that has been covered by bloggers, doesn't sell well. Things that have never been covered sell well. (And this is NOT to knock any of the bloggers who review stuff. I love 'em and I read their blogs slavishly.) Just go your own route and the fame will follow. Just don't expect it overnight.

Build something cool.

Ok, my brain is done with this for now. But there are more (in both categories) out there.


Willow said...


I blog stuff by you when I see it and buy it!

I will admit for a blogger, I am teh lazy, I go through as many blogs as I can a day, but sometimes I miss some and with the forums being poop now, it's so hard not to miss things :(

But you are right, some of the best selling things in SL DON'T get blogged, a LOT of stuff in SL doesn't get blogged and sometimes I feel bad about that, I wish I could give up my day job XD

Anyhoo, you are right in what you say, every last bit of it!

I wish I could find my niche, one that doesn't cost so much :P


Kala Bijoux said...

I know you cover as much as you can. You cover a ton of stuff, it's really amazing what everyone at PXP gets through :)

Personally, I think sometimes I work too hard trying to make things that might impress people. It's embarassing to admit that, really. But when I let go and just design without my ego, it's 10 times better.