Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Love thy Neighbor?

I'm throwing this out there to the few people who read this blog . . . anyone looking for shop space on a decent sim?

I am eyeballing several entire mainland sims and I want to buy one.

Now . . . 1) I can't really afford that teir, not to mention the $1,000+ it's going cost me and b) I haven't really outgrown my current space.

But I am soooooooo tired of my sim neighbors. I am sure they are nice people. But I am soooo tired of clubs and malls.

I moved into an empty sim and bought a chunk of land. One guy moved in next to me and opened up a club with lots of particle scripts and moving lights. We both expanded, buying up bits of land next to our main land. He expanded a mall and more games. I made more wings.

Another club opened up behind my land. But that changed hands and is now a 50s diner/mall/wedding spot. At least it is interesting and does not having lots of particle lights.

And yet another club has opened up now. This one a sex club and with lots of moving lights that go right through walls. It's just a big rectangle. This club could stay as empty as the other one or be a big sim drain filled with people so much that the sim av limit caps.

Do I want too much to NOT be surrounded by sex clubs??

I can move somewhere else . . . . or . . . stay where I am . . . or think really big and buy a whole sim.

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