Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Pink & Green Anime Hero

Sometimes when I'm making wings, I get caught up in making a complete outfit. And it's weird, because I do this particularily with pink & green outfits. It's such a playful color combination. So this is what I came up with today.

Thanks to the Fashion Emergency group for help on finding the right shoes!

Wings - Absinthe will be coming out later today.

Skin - Munchflower Zaius - one from her new makeup line that isn't out yet, but will be worth waiting for, trust me.

Shoes - ZVZ Ultra Designs

Gloves - Curious Kitties

Hair - ETD (one of her sale hairs, I wish I'd bought more colors in this style)

Skirt - Janie Marlowe

Leaf outfit - Chaospire

Now I'm going to find a pink & green sidekick and we will vanquish all evil!

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