Monday, September 25, 2006

More Angel Wings

2 new angel wing designs.

I'm really happy with this one as this is 100% hand drawn, a first for me in an angel wing (tho not in my other type of wings, many are hand drawn).

This is the last of the angel wings cause now I'm going to work on Halloween themed wings. I plan to do a limited edition line of wings. I thought I'd do something special this year cause October is my RL birthday month and I turn the big 3-0. I'm still working on designs and pricing, but we'll see what happens. That's in the works at any rate!

Credits: Skins by the amazing Munchflower Zaius.

1 comment:

Lethann Aeda said...


You guys are gonna make me go broke >_< Doesn't help that my hubby likes wings so I dress up my SL Avatar for him. *chuckles*

I'll have to drop by and see what they look like in the tryout stand. ((BTW, one of the best ideas I've ever seen for a retailer!))