Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Halloween Madness - Spider outfit

I am completely caught up in Halloween fever. Obsessed. If I could make items as fast as I could think of them . . . wow, I'd have an entire Halloween line. As it is, my wrist won't let me work more than 8 or so hours a day. Bummer.

But I did finish this little Tim Burton-esque spider outfit. There are lots of details that you can't really see from the pics, hidden spiders and such. Very October.

Available at my store (search for Material Squirrel), on the lower level right next to the Piggy Ziggy.
SL Boutique

In other news, one of my neighbors sold me his land so I don't have to worry about moving my store. I now have PLENTY of land to expand. I also have a hefty tier bill, but that's the price for moving up.

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