Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Shoe ideas

I doubt I am going to make tons more shoes. The little prim work is very hard on my wrist, much harder than texture/clothing work. For that I can use my drawing tablet but prims have to be manipulated with a mouse. And there are so many shoe makers out there that are more talented than me.

I do have some shoe ideas and will possibly eventually make those.

But here's a whole bunch of shoes that I'd LOVE to see in SL but am not going to make myself. Here's a plea to those talented shoemakers, make these shoes. Please???

The shoes in this photo are kinda hard to see, but if you click on the picture for a closer look, it's that delicate scrollwork that is just gorgeous.

I love pointy toed heels.

Like Dorothy's shoes, only a bit more modern.

Ok, this needs a follow up post for all the retro shoes I need in SL. There are so many really cute retro shoes that I NEED.

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