Monday, October 23, 2006

New Demon Wings & Store Renovation

New Demon wings available. I finally got these out. People have asked for bat-like demon wings to spread fear across the SL landscape. Well, ok, at least the first part. So I'm hoping people like these. They are not my usual multi-prim feathers thing, so hopefully they are still enjoyed and um, actually sell. They fit the male avs better than the females, but I can make girl adjustments if necessary. It's just that I get so tired of photographing different sizes and stuff. So I'm going to see how these sell before I do different sizes.

They also come in green and a darker red.

On SL Exchange

On SL Boutique

And I've also redone my store. It's now way bigger with lots of room for me to expand and
grow. The next step is an island (I hope), but I'm miles and leagues away from that. Here's a pic of the outside that no one will ever see cause the landing point is inside the store.

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