Monday, October 30, 2006

Linden Labs Killed my Pony

Ok, not really.

But they certainly have made me blue today.

This news about the large increase in island fees had to happen just when I was contemplating buying an island.

I know, I've talked about the land thing before in my blog and it sounded like I was going to put off the island thing.

But around the beginning of last week, I noticed that the number of scripts that the mainland sim I'm on was running around the max (6,000). Of course, there is no limit on scripts, but scripters have discovered that about 6,000 or more scripts on a sim greatly affects performance and LL has quietly admitted this is true. On Wednesday, I started to toy again with the island idea. On Thursday, I was almost ready to buy (and no, I had no insider knowledge), but I decided that I had nothing to lose by thinking about this big decision over the weekend.

Of course, now I am screwed.

If I don't get one of the 150 islands, then I think I will still have to move to another sim. I just cannot let my customers suffer because I happen to be on a sim with 2 casinos using a lot of scripts. But on the same hand, I can't justify the new tier cost and initial island cost. So I will be forced to find new land which will be outrageously priced to begin with and try to buy up a lot of the sim. And then just hope that no casinos/high scripter users or much worse, a high traffic camping chair set up moves in.

So . . . I still plan to release one more free set of wings to members of my Material Squirrel group tomorrow. I am just hoping to muster up some creativity out of my blues to complete that project.

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