Tuesday, October 10, 2006

In which I bribe you to join my update group

On Wednesday or Thursday, I will be giving this set of wings FREE to all the people in my update group - Material Squirrel. And then I'll put it for up for sale for the other 885,270 people who aren't in my update group. To join my group, just search under group for "Material Squirrel" and join.

I had planned to release this today, but after reading the Linden blog and several customer issues, I'm waiting until after the update tomorrow. Scripted things are just really buggy right now. And of course since it is an update day, things don't always go as planned, so I may very well wait until Thursday.

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Lethann Aeda said...

Hey, You haven't posted about the Reaper wings yes, so I'll go ahead and comment here.

Just wanted to say that, I opened the box of reaper wings and was blown away. EXACTLY what I've been looking for!! Really fits this nifty outfit I've been trying to piece together. All I can say is, best wings in the game, and I've never been so happy about a freebie before.

Thanks so much and keep up the astounding work! Look forward to spending more hard earned lindens in your store!