Friday, October 06, 2006

More Fairy Wings

More fairy themed wings!
I named these after my favorite Rockstar singer. Storm kicked serious booty on that show. The cool thing about these is that I put the color change script in them. So instead of buying multiple wings to match every outfit, you can change the color of the wings to match. And the really cool thing is that I'm not charging extra for this feature. Also available in Grande. I'm still working on the Xcite version, I have a scripting issue that I can't fix and need to wait for Ziggy to return home.

Another fairy wing - this one in bright white. I also put the color change in these wings as well, but it looks best with the pale colors. At least in my opinion.

All are available on SL Boutique and I'll be adding SLexchange very soon. And also of course in world.

Link to all my SLBoutique stuff

Skins: Munchflower Zaius
Hair for Storm: ETD
Hair for Winter: Kin Keiko

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