Friday, June 09, 2006

Designing for ME

When I saw this outfit by Lollypop, I knew I had to have it. Talk about fulfilling all of my anime outfit desires!!!

And I had to design a pair of wings to go with it.

Oufit: Lollypop
Tights: Me (not for sale, but if you are reading this far and you really want these tights, IM me and I'll drop the folder on you for free)
Hair: Curious Kitties
Shoes: Asri Falcone
I really need to find some better shoes to complete this outfit. These are a much older pair of shoes and "shoe technology" has really progressed since I bought these. (At the time, they were very good.)

I will be selling these wings . . . as soon as I can bear to take off this really cute outfit and make some photographs for ad boxes. They will also be in other colors as well . . . I have another pink/purple one that I made first - before I decided I needed a pair of green wings and spent all of my evening in photoshop.

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Celebrity Trollop said...

zOMG!! Cute!