Monday, June 19, 2006

Am I wearing my prim skirt correctly? And other assorted topics of the day.

So I'm wearing this cute prim skirt . . . and I must admit, aside from that one experience with Starley's prim skirt which I did not wear correctly, I'm a prim skirt virgin. In this case, I just attached the darn skirt and it looks pretty good. But it sits low on the hips. Barely on the hips in fact. So . . . is that where a prim skirt should sit?

This animation pose doesn't really show it off to the best ability, but it was sooo cute.

Credits on this outfit:
Wings: Um, me
Hair: Toast Bard (with a little recoloring)
Skirt: PixelDolls
Shirt: Luxe (Mistress Midnight)
Tights: Canimal Zephyr
Shoes: Lynnix Muse


Celebrity Trollop mentioned my wings and Tuli Asturias' clothing designs in her SecondStyle Fashionista blog. Tuli and I met a few days ago and we're hoping to do more clothes/wing outfit combinations.

Which nicely segues into me mentioning my new store build. I'm hoping to collaborate with several people - including Selene Sterling for a store with more clothes & wings. I hope it will lean towards the fantasy/fae/mystical realm. Like I told Ziggy when I was describing my store build - "I want it goth & fantasy but not too twee." Luckily I had some room to grow at my plot in Eunpyung. I'm hoping this will be the last build for some time - it's rather distracting.

And while we're on the subject . . . I am so uncreative about buildings, mine are so boxy. *sigh* But hopefully I'll be adding some details to this that should make the whole thing look better. I've had a blast with detailed texturing . . . but the build itself is still fairly typical. Oh well.

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