Monday, June 05, 2006

Punk Fairy AKA Prim Hair that Rocks

I finally found some flexi prim hair that rocks. Well, Munchflower found it and told me about it. I've tried a flexi hair things, but I wasn't impressed. Sure . . . the hair moves, but it isn't much good if it makes me look like a rag doll.

Hair: Playful Kitten
I've always wanted a pink mohawk.
Undershirt and bloomers: SilentSparrow
Overshirt: Munchflower Zaius
Tights: By me. These are FREEBIES at my store (Material Squirrel Wings) in Eunpyung. You just have to do a little searching.
Shoes: Heart's Desire. Now defunct :(
Skin: Munchflower Zaius.
Wings: by Me (Kala Bijoux)

If pictures don't show up, it's cause Blogger is being a pain. You get what you pay for. Hit refresh a few times.

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