Thursday, June 01, 2006

Flexi Wings are here!

We've finally got the new flexi wings out in SL.

Pictures don't capture the movement and beauty at all so I uploaded some video from SL. (That was a challenge, but I finally figured it out.)

Dancing in the Church

Flapping Wings in hover mode

In Lost Garden

Just move a little

All wings are HUD controlled so you can turn off hover, flexi, etc with a click of a button. (Chat options also availabled still.) You can control the flexi setting, so if you want just a touch of flexi or lots of flexi, it's up to you. By request, we also included a setting which allows you to set the spread of the wings. (Previous functions like open and close/auto on/off are still included as well!)

All are available at the Material Squirrel Wing Store. Check my picks (Kala Bijoux) for SL location.

All outfits, except the last one, are by Silent Sparrow. Skin by Munchflower Zaius. Hair by Rita Groshomme.


GL said...

Saw the vids you posted in the Forums and had to tell you those wings are 2 cool. Cheers.
Gabe Lippmann

Kala Bijoux said...

Thank you! I'm pretty excited about the wings :)