Monday, June 12, 2006

Groovy Skybox, Baby

In SL, it's a challenge to find furniture that does not say "Harem Love Slave" or "Blood Drinker." Not that there is anything wrong with such genres or themes - but I wanted something different for my skybox.

Partly because I often have customers up there for custom wing requests and I don't want people to get the impression that they are walking into my luuuuuv shack, because they are not. Again, love shacks are cool if that is your thing, but my skybox is mostly a working place. So I wanted something fun, something playful.

After MUCH searching, I finally found these awesome couches by Laurie Partridge. They are only 75L each, score! The zebra lamps are also created by Ms. Partridge and they will set you back a whole 10L. The hanging lamp is by Xandi Mars. She had some adorable furniture at her store, but it was a little bit more than I wanted to pay and I had a hard time seeing how I was going to mix and match.

I know many people want the whole furniture set or outfit, but I really love to mix and match.

Both furniture designers had their shop locations in their picks, so I won't bother to list out the shop locations. (Plus I'm not logged into SL right now and I'm lazy.)

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