Friday, June 09, 2006

Trixy Wings

Also available in Green (pictured in last post) and Sunet (not pictured, a nice yellow one).

These are the Grande size - but I decided not to put Grande on the ad pics because they aren't available in the smaller size. (Unless you really want them in that size, but they look much better in this large size, trust me.)

These are available at the Matieral Wings Store in Eunpyung - but that sim is running REALLY slow for me when I was there all afternoon. I don't know the cause.

So you can also find my wings at Domus (check Munchflower Zaius' profile) or the Enchanted Silver Moon Galleria (check Selene Sterling's profile).

Hair by Lash Xevious
Skin by Munchflower Zaius

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