Sunday, June 04, 2006

Imagination Limit?

Is there a limit to the imagination? Are there things we just can't imagine?

I often find that SL is a good test of imagination. In SL, so many things are possible. You can build a house the floats in the air, or rests on a delicate blade of grass. And yet, I find it so interesting that people still build very real world buildings and scenes.

For example, this street scene could be any big city in the US. In RL, such a street did not develop from careful planning and a blank field and no RL considerations. No, the traffic flow had to be taken into account, the cost of the landscaping, etc. But in SL, someone built this to look in RL (including an alley with a fire in a oil can and cardboard box). They could have built anything they imagined, but instead they stuck to reality.

And the build is a good one, if not particuliarly creative.

Here, the builder decided to make a pedestrian walk way - a typically unattractive, but necessary RL architectural element. However, in SL, we can FLY. Did someone just want to build a pedestrian walkway for nostalgia reasons? Just because they could?

And on the other hand, it's always nice to go to places like Curious Kitties where you'll find out of the ordinary builds.

SL has enough boring nightclubs and enough box skyscrapers. I'm guilty as the next person of not building the most out of the box things. But at least try for pretty and unusual or ugly and unusual or . . . . if you want to recreate real life, recreate Venice.

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